Army commander warns Prof Moyo; ex-Minister stops Twitter attacks

Denis Gwenzi
Own Correspondent

THE military appeared Monday to warn former higher education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo as it announced an end to the operation which toppled ex-president Robert Mugabe last month.

Zimbabwe National Army commander, Lieutenant General Philip Valerio Sibanda, told reporters in Harare that the military had achieved the objectives of its Operation Restore Legacy campaign.

The military took to the streets on November 13, to supposedly hunt down and “bring to justice” what the Generals described as criminals around Mugabe who were said to be responsible for economic and political strife in the country.

Especially targeted were members of the G40 Zanu PF faction who were seen as readying the ground for then first lady Grace Mugabe to succeed her 93-year-old husband and party and State president.

Ignatius Chombo, finance minister at the time, was one of the high-profile figures to be arrested while other G40 big hitters such as cabinet ministers Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao reportedly escaped into exile.

Of the exiled trio, Prof Moyo has regularly twitter to attack the military coup and dismiss the new Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government as illegitimate.

And apparently referring to the former higher education minister, Lt General Sibanda urged Zimbabweans to be wary of G40 members “now bad-mouthing the country from foreign lands where their intentions to harm the peace and tranquillity that exist in the country have been pronounced”.

He added that it was the “duty of every Zimbabwean to ensure that such malcontents and saboteurs are not allowed to succeed”.

Incidentally Moyo announced at the weekend that he was starting a period of Twitter silence but warned that he would be back “not in three weeks and not to do a coup or any violence”.

Meanwhile Lt General Sibanda said the military would now return to the barracks with the police resuming their normal duties.

“Today as the defence forces handover all normal day to day policing duties to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, we urge all our citizens to allow for a smooth transition,” said the army chief.

“Members of the public are urged to respect, support and cooperate with the police as they execute their constitutional mandate.

“On the other hand, the Zimbabwe Republic Police are expected to fully take over their responsibility and perform according to their constitutional mandate and Client Service Charter.”

The army chief insisted that the military operation had achieved its objectives.

“While some of the individuals have been accounted for, others skipped the country. This notwithstanding, the objectives of the operation have to a large extent been achieved.

“Besides the above-mentioned objective, Operation Restore Legacy has had wider implications on the political, economic and social activities of our people.

“In this regard, a new political dispensation has been ushered-in to take Zimbabwe into its rightful place with SADC and the world at large.”  

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