War veterans vow sit-in to remove Mugabe

African News Agency
African News Agency

HARARE: Zimbabwe war veterans have vowed not to leave Harare until embattled President Robert Mugabe is gone.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday morning, Zimbabwe War Veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa accused Mugabe of dragging his feet over stepping down.

“It’s over for Mugabe. We want to see his back now. The emperor has no clothes,” said Mutsvangwa.

He  urged President Jacob Zuma, as SADC chair, to help speed up Mugabe’s exit.

“Although we are happy with the efforts of President Zuma, the AU and UN must join in sadc in getting Mugabe to leave,” said the war veterans leader.

The tough talking liberation movement has set also set the legal process to force out the Zimbabwe leader that would culminate in a possible and humiliating impeachment for the elderly statesman.

“He admitted to dereliction of duty during that none event announcement of his on national television last night. You all heard him. As a result we are going to file court papers seeking his removal,” said Mutsvangwa.

It is not the only pressure the war vets are applying on Mugabe to go. They have called on the masses to return to the streets. “This is a Zimbabwe initiative, all Zimbabweans must unite. It is not the job of the military to remove Mugabe, but that of the people,” he said.

Mutsvangwa again took a swipe at Grace Mugabe when questioned about the legality of Zanu PF firing Mugabe’s key allies. “She wanted to capture the State House courtesy of a marriage certificate. That cannot be. That process was above board”.

The press conference took place as the count down to the Zanu PF midday deadline for Mugabe to step down inched closer. It remains to be seen whether the party will begin the impeachment process if Mugabe ignores their ultimatum.

The much awaited announcement by Mugabe on national television on Sunday night was met with confusion and anger when the Zimbabwe head of state dug in his heels and refused to resign as widely predicted.

Mugabe, to the disbelief of many, even went so far as to say that he will oversee the ruling Zanu PF December congress despite the party sacking him as its leader earlier in the day.


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