5 reasons why Grace must not lead Zimbabwe

Denis Gwenzi
Own Correspondent

THE sacking Monday of vice president and long-term succession aspirant Emmerson Mnangagwa was widely seen as opening the way for First Lady Grace Mugabe to replace him as number two in the ruling Zanu PF party.

Previously dismissed as no more than glorified but politically insignificant consort to President Robert Mugabe, Grace has over the last few years defiantly risen to become the second most powerful person in Zanu PF after her husband.

Her awesome power and influence was demonstrated Monday with the swift sacking of Mnangagwa who has often been described in international media reports as a feared Zanu PF strongman who had the backing of the country’s security services.

On Saturday, Grace had savagely attacked Mnangagwa at a rally in Bulawayo; she followed that up with a demand for his dismissal from government and Zanu PF on Sunday while addressing a church gathering in the capital.

A day later, President Mugabe obliged, sacking his deputy “for disloyalty, disrespect, deceitfulness and unreliability”.

Now, with Mugabe now aged 93 and reportedly struggling with poor health, the succession now appears Grace Mugabe’s to ref

And on Sunday she indicatively declared that; "I say to Mr Mugabe you should ... leave me to take over your post … Have no fear. If you want to give me the job give it to me freely.”

However, the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) warned that there was no one more ill-suited for the job of running the country than the First Lady.

“Recent developments in Zimbabwe including the firing of Vice President Mnangagwa have proved beyond reasonable doubt that Grace is the biggest threat to the stability of this country; she is the biggest threat in the past 37 years,” the party said in a statement.

“We have always mentioned that Grace’s unbridled avidity for power is a danger to the existence of our nation state. This is why we make the point that Grace Mugabe cannot be a leader of the beautiful country we all call home, the Great Zimbabwe.”

The party gave the following five reasons why Grace Mugabe is must not succeed her husband as Zimbabwe’s next president;

The age of dynastic politics passed a long time ago, Zimbabwe cannot be subjected to a Mugabe dynasty which for all intents and purposes proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is a family whose DNA is mediocre, failure and destruction.

She has no social base and moral high ground. Unlike the other failures in ZANUPF including Mnangagwa and Sekeremayi who at least fought in the liberation struggle, Grace has no track record of patriotism. We in the opposition at least have a track record of fighting for democratisation of the country and an endeavour to restore the hijacked agenda of the liberation struggle.

She is a person of questionable emotional and mental disposition. Her public rants are reflective of an individual who is way below average in terms of emotional intelligence. Tied to this point is her capacity to divide the people of Zimbabwe. She even has guts to invite religious groups just to turn them against each other along factional lines.

She is a looter who does everything for personal gain including in her social transactions. She invaded Mazowe, took the land by force and even went on to grab a dam declaring that the waters of Mazowe Dam have since been privatised. Such a shocking display of greedy and selfishness.

She lacks vision and crafty competence. This country requires transformational leadership with the ability to lift the masses from poverty, create an enabling for development and with desire to create equal opportunities for all. Grace Mugabe is certainly not a person of this ilk; she has never done anything which benefits anyone other than herself. The Gushungo Empire she created is meant to create wealth for her and the orphanage she hides behind is actually anthropological capitalism of the highest order. She even charges exorbitant amounts of money to admit kids at the place.

PDP, which is led by former finance minister Tendai Biti warned that; “This country faces a dark cloud of uncertainty.

“Zimbabweans need to stand together in unison and make a declaration against charlatans who might want this country to degenerate into chaos.

“In these times of madness where the angels of darkness and demons of derangement are on the loose, the citizen must exercise reason and stand firm against regression.”


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