Kereke demands arrest of CIO boss & Gono for treason, fraud

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CIO boss Happyton Bonyongwe

Former RBZ chief Gideon Gono

ZANU PF legislator Munyaradzi Kereke has demanded the arrest of CIO boss Happyton Bonyongwe, a division chief in the CIO and former central bank governor, Gideon Gono, accusing all three of treason, fraud and spying.

Kereke, a former senior Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe employee, reported the allegations to police in Harare on Friday and threatened to pursue private prosecution of the allegations if the police do not act.

Kereke has had a long-running feuds with Gono and a case in which he accuses his former boss of looting the central bank is pending before the courts.

In his affidavit on Friday, Kereke accused Bonyongwe of treason, criminal abuse of office, breach of State Secrets Act, sabotage, and undermining the “welfare of and personal security of the President of Zimbabwe and the First Family”.

Bonyongwe is jointly accused with Jemius Madzingira, “who is the Director of Economics Division in the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), and is brother in law to (the CIO boss)”.

Kereke also states as follows in his affidavit (Please note that Bonyongwe is accused number 1, Gono accused number 2 and Mudzingira accused 3).

1: I hold explicit evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that the above three accused persons committed the said crimes.

2: The influence of accused person number 1 and the sensitivity of the office he holds has been repeatedly abused to thwart all efforts I made to have the three accused persons account for their crimes.

3: Ever since I handed over to accused persons 1 and 3 the full evidence of the treasonous and corrupt activities of accused person 2, I have not known peace. They became rabid on me.  Accused person 1’s wife is the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and I am routinely being subjected to false tax liabilities in my personal capacity, as well as family businesses.

4: The full machinery of CIO is being deployed to haunt me, right into my own family and business matters to a point where I now need protection of the law.

5: Accused number 1 and number 2, also started jointly haunting me when I strongly protested and blocked their attempt to sell Zimbabwe’s entire Printing and gold smelting factory at Fidelity Printers and Refiners to a Chinese person with close business ties with accused person 1. I had to go to the extent of approaching the then Attorney General Mr Johannes Tomana and recommended that Government quickly drafted a statutory clause outlawing the sale of Fidelity Printers, as the accused persons had selfishly and corruptly wanted to sell this strategic national asset for a mere US$12 million, yet market value at that time was around US$100 million.

6: Sensitive military programmes and financial transactions between Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo were leaked to hostile governments by accused person 2.

7: I personally handed over explicit proof of this treasonous act to accused persons 1 and 3, and instead of taking corrective action, they took the whole file back to accused person number 2 who then literally locked me out of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe without a shred of explanation.

8: Cabinet minutes, then (2003-2011) circulation to recipient number “88”, being accused person number 2 were routinely sent to hostile embassies in Harare in direct contravention of the State Secrets Act, and again evidence showing this I personally handed over to accused persons 1 and 3, who elected to take no action but instead started fighting me. My several efforts to book follow up meetings with accused person 1, requests of which were in writing, were fruitless as accused person 1 flexed the full might of his vantage office and blocked me.  Accused person 1, by the very nature of his job has access to guns and I only have my bare hands and full faith in God.

9: Zimbabwe’s gold was sold to a Saudi Arabian private jewellery firm at an incomprehensible discount of 34%, and again I gave accused persons numbers 1 and 3 full facts, including airway bills when the bullion was shipped out of the country but they again muzzled facts and swept the fraud under the carpet.

10: Accused person number 1 received large sums of US dollars out of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe national coffers, and these moneys were deployed for accused persons number 1’s own personal use. Accused person number 2 corruptly bought favours and protection from accused person number 1 so that his crimes are not accounted for.

The above are mere examples on the long list of the crimes the accused persons committed with impunity. My efforts as a citizen of Zimbabwe to report these breaches of the law have seen me becoming prey being hunted day and night.

I hereby urge the Zimbabwe Republic Police to fully investigate these crimes and bring the above culprits to account as is expected under the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

I also wish to state that all my written past efforts to surrender to the ZRP evidence proving accused person 2’s role in the multi-million dollar fraud at Fidelity Printers and Refiners have been fruitless to date.  The same correspondence was sent to the Prosecutor General’s office.

In the event the Zimbabwe Republic Police, for one reason or another sees no merit in pursuing the above matters, I hereby request that this be stated so that the above accused persons can face private prosecution.

I am available to fully cooperate with the police in the above matters.

My legal counsel has full files proving the above crimes, in case my own personal security and life is compromised under the current literal man-hunt to kill mode I am now subjected to.

As human beings who must subsist in parity under the common shelter of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe, we must not allow a few individuals to privatise the officialdom of their national duty for corrupt personal gain and revulsive radiation of terror on innocent citizens. This is wrong. This is unconstitutional.  This is sinful.

It is, therefore, my hope that this formal report will receive the due attention of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the National interest, as well as full promotion of the rule of law and constitutionalism in our country. Fear and favour must be alien to us on matters of human rights, our equality as mortals and the rule of law.


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