Husband 'snatcher' Grace, should stop preaching morality-Mliswa

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FORMER Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson and Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) leader, Temba Mliswa, has said First lady Grace Mugabe should not be the “chief Justice” of morality given her back ground of “snatching” someone’s husband.

In her continued “meet the people” national rallies which started last year when she was campaigning to for Zanu PF Women’s League top post, Grace is accusing fellow party senior members of engaging in immoral behaviour.

Last year “Madam Stop It” as she is now called, accused the ousted vice President Joice Mujuru of trying to attract his aging husband by approaching him wearing a short dress.

Addressing Journalists in Harare Monday, when responding to the brutal attacks against members of his youth group by the police at the weekend, Mliswa said the First Lady was not qualified to judge people’s moral behaviour.

“Is the First Lady a good judge on morality? ... because suddenly she has become the chief justice of morality,” said Mliswa.

“Last time she spoke about how Mai Mujuru would go and see the President in a short skirt. But who worked in the President’s office and ended up being the First Lady when the President was married to the late Sally Mugabe?"

“We are talking about morals and a party that respects morality,” he added.

“She (Grace) has decided to denigrate and humiliate people in public out of morality. Zimbabweans are not stupid and we know who our First Lady is and because of being the wife of the President we have given her respect regardless of her background”.

Grace is former wife to Stanley Goreraza, an air force pilot who is said to be a defence attaché at the Zimbabwe embassy in China.

Grace, who was President Mugabe’s secretary, allegedly started her relationship with the veteran leader while she was still married to Goreraza.

In 2006 the couple had an extravagant Catholic ceremony, titled the "Wedding of the Century" by the Zimbabwe press, after the death of Mugabe's first wife Sally.

Prior to their wedding they had two children, Bona, named after Mugabe's mother, and Robert junior and in 1997; Grace later gave birth to their third child, Chatunga.


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