Biti’s party backs US move to block Zimbabwe funding

President Barack Obama with Senator Bob Corker

Willias Madzimure, PDP international relations secretary

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Tendai Biti has backed an advisory urging the United States to block international financial institutions from advancing funding to the Zimbabwean government.

Cash hungry Harare was reportedly close to securing new lines of credit if the country clears its US$1.8 billion arrears to the IMF, World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

However, US Senate Committee Chair on Foreign Relations, Senator Bob Corker wrote to the Obama administration imploring them to veto any attempt to advance funding to Zimbabwe.

Corker said the Harare regime should not be propped up, having failed to implement and meaningful reforms to open up the democratic space as well as restore the rule of law in the country.

The senator’s charge was rejected by the government with finance minister Patrick Chinamasa insisting that Zimbabwe was politically stable adding that elections were being held in a free and fair manner.

However, international relations secretary Willias Madzimure, said the international community would not be fooled by Chinamasa.

Madzimure said political violence continued in the country with state agents targeting opposition activists.

“What is lost to Chinamasa of course is that his party has continued to be violent as evidenced by various violent clashes which saw members of his party team up with the ZRP to assault opposition members in Harare South last year.

“He is also oblivious to the recent gutting down of houses belonging to opposition supporters in Mashonaland East, the brutal clamp down of the police on civil servants protesting for bonuses and the indiscriminate assault of residents in Chitungwiza early this year.”

The PDP official said the government had also ignored pressure to find missing pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara who is believed to have been abducted by State agents while corruption was rampant.

“That human rights activist Itai Dzamara is still missing for almost a year now while the Zanu PF government has displayed total disinterest and even hostility in addressing the matter, seems not to bother Chinamasa at all,” said Madzimure.

“Zanu PF has also been leading large scale demolitions of people’s homes and land invasions continue unabated.

“Furthermore, the Mugabe regime is still saddled by massive corruption which is costing the economy billions and impoverishing the ordinary people to the extent that 75% of the people live on less than a dollar per day.

“Zanu PF has done absolutely nothing to deal with the scourge of corruption and the country is still ranked among the top 20 most corrupt countries in the world.”

Madzimure outlined the conditions under which Harare can access financial support from the international community.

“Giving credit lines to Zanu PF would be akin to supporting a terror group in the mold of ISIS,” he said.

“Any financial aid must be advanced when the government has undertaken reforms to align laws to the new constitution, abide by the rule of law, create a free, fair and credible electoral playing field and above all respect fundamental human rights.

“The PDP argues that if these basic conditions are not met, any financial package would only prop up a desperate regime to continue its criminal rule.”


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