Zanu PF: Mnangagwa, G40 rivals trade liar allegations

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Saviour Kasukuwere

THREE ministers accused of lying that they were subjected to harassment by vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s henchman have hit back, dismissing the party disciplinary committee which rejected their claims as a farce.

Sports Minister Makhosini Hlongwane, Tourism deputy minister Anastacia Ndlovu and Labour deputy minister Tapiwa Matangaidze – all from the Midlands – called a press conference in Harare Monday to reject the findings of a Midlands provincial disciplinary hearing which threw out they allegations of harassment.

They recently wrote a joint letter to party headquarters, claiming they were being harassed by Zanu PF officials in the province; citing in particular party legislators Justice Wadyajena, Owen Ncube Midlands youth chairperson Edmore Samambawa who are all said to back vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa as President Robert Mugabe’s successor.

The ministers reportedly belong to the rival G40 faction which backs First Lady Grace Mugabe as next party leader after her 92-year-old husband. He supposed bid for the top job is being managed by claimed G40 leaders Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere.

Mnangagwa’s allies were cleared by the provincial disciplinary committee with sources saying the three ministers would likely face allegations of bringing the party into disrepute.

“The first phase of the hearings is over and it was established beyond any reasonable doubt that the charges were white lies bent on destroying the party and creating factions from the shadows of nothing and, therefore, a move has been made to charge the trio,” an insider briefed a local daily.

“They have not been charged yet, but what they did was in very bad taste in that, they sought to alienate the Midlands province from President (Robert) Mugabe through lies.

“The mere suggestion that the provincial leadership should be dissolved was a threat to the stability of the party.

The three ministers however, rejected the probe as “a charade disguised as a disciplinary committee hearing”.

They said its chair Daniel Mackenzie Ncube and his team “ran away with the process and pronounced a verdict” without inviting them to testify.

“The pseudo disciplinary committee had not heard, not even one witness on the numerous allegations raised in our letter and our meeting with them as stated by Ncube himself,” said the three in a joint statement.

“We further state that the issues we raise on our letter are true and we await a day when we will avail our evidence and witnesses before a (national) disciplinary committee so justice can be saved.”

They were backed by Kasukuwere who said the case was far from over.

Kasukuwere said the national disciplinary committee would have the final say.

“People must learn to follow party procedure and processes,” said the national political commissar.

“The provincial disciplinary committee can only go as a far as making recommendations to the national disciplinary committee, which also recommends to the politburo, for debate and adoption.

“The politburo too, sends its findings to the central committee for adoption.”

He added: ”So, for people to say that they have been exonerated or not, is very premature.

“It’s the office of the political commissar which sanctioned the hearings and, as such, we will take the provincial disciplinary committee report to the national disciplinary committee and from there, that is when we will know the way forward.”


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